We, LGS Social Innovation and Research Centre, a unit of LGS Trust (R), a registered NGO in Bangalore are working on Indian Society Problems and developing Engineering Solutions along with prototypes. From Dec-2020, we have started working on providing platform for the implementation of AICTE Activity Points apart from other research activities


Features of AICTE Activity Points Implementation by LGS Trust:

1) Able to Complete 20 AICTE Activity Points in a Week (After College hours)

2) Availability of 10 Projects for selection based on Indian Society Problems

3) Theory and Practical Sessions for each enrolment

4) Complete Offline activity enabled with Software to upload the activity proofs

5) Digital proof of student activities retained for 4 years

6) 50 to 60 Pages of report including Certificates, Contents, Engineering Solution, Pie-chart analysis and Photo proofs of Data Survey is issued by LGS Trust to Student

7) All Projects are implemented as per VTU and AICTE Rules

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